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Payment Policies (For Patient to Keep for their records)

  • Self Pay: patient gets 5% discount if paid in full at time of procedure for treatment
    exceeding $500.00. This can also be applied if a patient’s insurance does not cover a particular
  • Membership Plan: $349 or $399 w/ pano
    • Must be paid in full at the time of signing up. Patient can still apply and use Care Credit but must
      pay the initial membership fee up front and will not receive the 20% discount for future treatment due to the fee Care Credit charges.
  • Partner with Care Credit:
    • 6 months with no interest. Requires credit check.
  • 30/20/10 In Office Financing (does not require credit check)
    • 30% Procedure cost paid up front
    • 20% Interest charged monthly on remaining balance
    • 10 Monthly Payments
    • Can be used with insurances for the patient’s portion.
    • Cannot be combined with any other discounts
    • * patient must fill out an “in office financing” form for our records to be eligible to participate.
  • Military (retired/active), Law Enforcement, & First Responders: Receive 5% discount with valid ID
    • Cannot be combined with any other discounts.
  • Fixed & Removable & Other Major (If not using in-office financing)
    • Self Pay Patient: 50% at impression appointment and 50% at delivery before patient comes
    • Insurance patient: Must pay entire portion at impression appointment; unless insurance does
      not cover, then they are treated the same as self pay patient.
  • The different payment method is due to different amounts being paid by patient. If an
    insurance pays a low fee, and we only charge half of the patient portion at beginning, it
    may not be enough to cover lab costs and time.
  • Patient and/or parent/guardian present at the time of treatment is responsible for entire
    payment (minus 5% for self pay or minus what is expected from insurance) at end of