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Dr. Long is happy to offer patients at Long Dental with the opportunity to use
Invisalign to help you achieve your ideal smile. Invisalign has developed a reputation as
a premier alternative to braces by delivering proven results with minimal irritation.

Your Invisalign Experience at Long Dental

Invisalign is an orthodontic alignment treatment designed to slowly move your
teeth into the correct position. The process is simple with Dr. Long offering
comprehensive, helpful guidance along the way and intervention if needed.

At your initial consultation, Dr. Long will will determine if you qualify for Invisalign
and then create your customized treatment plan for you. Once your aligners have been
created by Invisalign, we will try them in with you and give you all of the information you
need to successfully complete your aligner intervals.

You will visit Dr. Long throughout your treatment to ensure your teeth are moving
as they should and to make any adjustments if needed.

Dr. Long and the team at Long Dental look forward to working with you as you
transform your smile.

Schedule your Appointment today to get started! Your Life is moving, Your smile should
keep up too!