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Family & Cosmetic Dentistry with a Conservative Approach

Long Dental is much more than a dental practice. It is a place of memories, evolution, family and tradition. Dr. Jacob Long had no reservations when presented with the opportunity to own a Wilmington dental practice known as one of the best, one that has served thousands of patients over the years. Dr. Long’s commitment to conservative, modern dental care will allow those patients, and many more, to receive expert dentistry for another 40 years.

When Dr. Richard A. Reamer opened his doors in 1975, his commitment was superb dentistry for the Wilmington community. He pursued his passion of dentistry by providing conservative treatment and outstanding personal service. Over the years, he earned the respect and loyalty of his patients and staff. In fact, many staff members have been with the practice for 20 years. Dr. Reamer’s son, Dr. Daniel Reamer has continued these traditions while successfully growing the practice since 2008 and most recently, hand selected Dr. Jacob Long as his successor.

Today, under the leadership of Dr. Jacob R. Long, and Long Dental, emphasis continues to be placed on conservative, quality, modern dental care in a personal and cheerful environment. In other words, Dr. Long and Dr. Richard Reamer are still delivering the same excellence and quality care that started in 1975. Dr. Jacob Long, and the entire team at Long Dental, believe it is an honor to help each patient obtain the confidence and happiness created by a true smile, If you are looking for a local dentist, we welcome the opportunity and invite you to schedule your first visit.

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Our Commitment to patients and each other are reflected in our Core Values

  Honest and Caring

  Patient Centered

  Positive, Encouraging mindset

  Uncompromising Excellence

At Long Dental, we believe in the life changing experience of an improved smile. Our team is honored to help our patients obtain the confidence and happiness given by a true smile and provide the guidance to keep it.


To provide a positive, comfortable dental experience in a relaxed and cheerful environment that will leave you smiling.

Our Commitment To Our Patients


The kids were so excited to come to the dentist! If you’re looking for dentist Dr. Jacob Long is the sweetest!


Dr. Long did my dental work and I couldn’t be more pleased. He was so nice and informative!


Best Dentist around! Very compassionate and always making sure you were not in pain. Great job Dr. Long!


I have to say that Dr. long is the best dentist I’ve ever seen! Hands-down! He goes above and beyond to make sure that you were comfortable during a procedure. Dr. Long also takes this time and make sure that you understand everything and answers your questions.

Won’t see anyone else now! Dr. Long made my daughter very comfortable and she was laughing by the end. Her second visit (my first) was equally as great. I went in this morning for a repair on a composite tooth and a filling. We had Dr. Long again, and he was excellent, yet again! He interacted with my daughter and made my smile the most beautiful it’s been in years by fixing this tooth. 10/10 would recommend.

Since starting treatment, Dr. Long has always made sure I’m not in pain. He talked me through the extractions so I knew what to expect. I highly recommend if anyone needs dental work done to find Dr. Long and have him do the work. He is a great guy and I feel that he truly cares for his patients and their well-being.


As a dentist he truely puts himself in the patients shoes and cares about every aspect of their care. I love that he sticks with what he believes is right and true.He honestly is such a uplifting person to be around.


Very personable and genuinely interested in his patients and co workers lives, families, and interests. One of the most ethical doctors I’ve worked with as far as doing the most he can to ensure the best outcomes for patients. Down to earth, great sense of humor and positive energy.


Id say that he always shows compassion to his patients and coworkers. He is a great listener who remembers his patients and the stories they have shared with him. He also always makes time for his patients when they request to speak with him (when patients don’t want to speak with the girls up front in person or on the phone). And I also feel his chipper personality makes for a great office and a positive vibe.


Hey! As someone that works with him I would say it makes for a happy work environment how he is always positive and encouraging, he genuinely cares about us and values our in put and its evident in the way he carries himself and treats people that he’s a man of God and loves his family. Which I highly respect and admire him for.


As far as patients go he greets each one with a smile and warm greeting, he is conservative in his diagnosis and honest with each of them about what the best treatment is for them even if it’s not the most lucrative. He truly cares about people and that’s the best quality any person in the medical/dental profession can have.


He focuses on the patient and not just their teeth/smile, he has great integrity, always does the best for the patient, even if it’s not the easiest, he’s super honest, and respectful of the people he works with and patients. So much fun and enthusiastic, positive attitude even If hes not feeling well or things aren’t going great/as planned, he stays positive and just keeps on trucking. He is educational to patients and he makes sure the patient feels like they are important and can always communicate their concerns to him.


Dr. Long is literally the office’s morale.. He keeps it bright and just knows how to turn a bad day around. He’s a people person, and every person matters to him. He treats everyone with equal respect and knows that it takes takes a team who has different strengths to make a business run like a well oiled machine.